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R3 Case Study

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R3 seeks out Web3 Labs to help remove entry barriers to Corda


After developing its DLT platform Corda, R3 faced a problem: clients coming from Web3 development on platforms like Ethereum wanted a more streamlined approach to building  and testing new decentralised applications on it.

After deploying our new version of Web3j, the company managed to reduce the barriers to entry for working with Corda and provide developers with a new testing infrastructure, making their jobs a whole lot easier and more efficient.

About the Client

R3 is a software company tasked with creating solutions that meet the requirements for establishing direct digital collaboration in enterprise environments where trust is crucial. These requirements include trust technology for multi-party applications, regulated markets expertise, as well as connected networks and ecosystems. It is best known for having developed Corda - a permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform for enterprises, allowing them to transact directly with each other in strict privacy.

The Challenges

One area that users of R3’s Corda struggled with was the lack of ease with which new decentralised applications were built and tested on the platform. This obstructed the adoption of the technology on a wider scale.

The Solution

Aware of the many individuals working with our widely used open-source library to integrate with Ethereum, R3 became interested in finding a mechanism that would allow Web3j to work with Corda. To this end, they partnered with Web3 Labs and ended up with a version of the Web3j library that could easily integrate with Corda.


Web3j SDK (2)


The Results

The engineers in Web3 Labs delivered a new version of the Web3j library that not only reduced the entry barriers to working with Corda but also provided new, previously unavailable end-to-end testing facilities for developers. This allowed them to easily simulate deployments that mirrored their live environments locally.

For R3, this was a win-win situation. Not only did it provide the company with the infrastructure to support its platform, broadening the reach of its platform ecosystem, but it also allowed its engineering teams to remain focused on its core product development and expertise, strengthening the Corda offer.


How Web3 Labs can help you

Web3 Labs is a blockchain technology company that works with large organisations to deliver applications that improve trust and authenticity of data and assets.

Clients that have taken advantage of our Strategy and Delivery Services include Microsoft, J.P. Morgan and Vodafone. 

We also work with leading blockchain companies and protocols to develop their ecosystems and platforms. Organisations Web3 Labs has worked with include ConsenSys, R3, the Open Application Network, the Ethereum Foundation and ICON.

Our products include the widely used blockchain developer library Web3j and the leading blockchain analytics platform, the Chainlens Blockchain Explorer

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