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Blockchain Explained

Your guide to transactions, smart contracts and more

Your Guide to Blockchain

Working with Web3 technology in any shape or form requires a high degree of technical competency for most users. This is due to the emergent nature of the technology — it's going to take time for many of the complexities users face to be abstracted away.

However, there are a number of fundamental principles that users should be familiar with in order to work with products, services and customers utilising Web3 platforms.

Web3 Labs has created its Blockchain Explained series to educate users and providers on some of the core principles of Web3 technology.


What is blockchain?


What is a block in a blockchain?


What is a blockchain transaction?

Accounts & Wallets

What is a blockchain wallet and account?

Smart Contracts

What are smart contracts?


What are blockchain tokens?


What are smart contract events and logs?


What are blockchain nodes?

Network Categories

What types of blockchain are there?


What are gas fees?

Blockchain Glossary

Blockchain Glossary

Are you ready to adopt blockchain technology?

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