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The Sirato Ethereum block explorer and data and analytics platform

Simplifying the management of your web3 applications and blockchain projects.

The Sirato block explorer gives you full visibility of your decentralised applications


Sirato is an Ethereum blockchain explorer and web3 data and analytics platform.

The rich API, and easy-to-use dashboard provide information on your blockchain tokens, smart contracts and transaction history. You can also directly interact with, and manage, decentralised applications (DApps). 

Sirato supports both public and private permissioned blockchains such as the Ethereum networks, Hyperledger Besu, Quorum and VMWare Blockchain for Ethereum

The blockchain data and business analytics provided by Sirato enables advanced reporting. Monitor user engagement with blockchain platforms, track transactions and events, and detect anomalies based on specific business events. Integrate Sirato with your existing business intelligence platforms to help you make fast and informed business decisions.


Business intelligence and reporting

Integrates with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.


Web3 application management

Simplifies the management of web3 applications and projects.


Full support for private transactions

Supports private transactions in Azure, Hyperledger Besu and Quorum networks.


One platform for all your users

Creates analytics with BI tools for technology, operations and business teams.


Gather unique insights

Helps you to understand how your web3 applications have been performing.


Intelligent monitoring

Shows real-time data processing for anomaly detection and proactive monitoring.

Developer and Hosted Plans


Runs locally on your machine

Block, transaction, address and contract views

Ethereum, Hyperledger Besu and Quorum support (including private transactions)

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All features of Developer Edition

Token support

Fully managed blockchain explorer

Custom branding

Tiered usage based plans

Your own custom domain

RESTful API for programmatic access

Support SLAs

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What people say
about Sirato

"Sirato is our go-to platform for monitoring new tokens and contracts on the Palm Ethereum network."

Daniel Heyman
CEO of Palm NFT Studio

"We recommend to all of our partners and customers using Azure Blockchain Service that they make use of Web3 Labs’ Sirato for its exceptional user experience and insights it provides."

Marley Gray
Principal Architect, Azure Blockchain Engineering, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

Trusted by forward-thinking protocols and software teams around the world


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Read our Sirato Case Studies

Find out how Sirato has helped organisations, blockchain companies and protocols to develop their web3 initiatives. 

Sirato Block Explorer


Wakam uses the Sirato Blockchain Explorer for fast data organisation through rapid scaling.

Sirato Block Explorer


BOOSTRY uses the Sirato Blockchain Explorer to monitor Japan's first bond offering using blockchain technology.

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