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About Us


To drive widespread adoption of blockchain technology


To provide quality products and services to make blockchain technology accessible for everyone.

Our Story

The journey of Web3 Labs started in 2016. 

The company founder, Conor, was keen to explore opportunities with new technology after a fintech venture into the Australian homes market and started to research blockchain technology back in 2016.

He came across Ethereum and believed that it had the potential to disrupt the technology sector much like Linux did back in the 2000s. 

During his research he found that there were limited ways that users could integrate with the platform and he created the open-source library Web3j, which connected the Java Virtual Machine and Android smartphone platform to work with Ethereum. 

The company started to explore new development opportunities and assess the applicability of blockchain technology in the equipment finance domain. As a result we were able to build the commercial analytics platform Chainlens which addressed the challenge of  visualising information stored on private blockchains. 

Since then Web3 Labs has had the privilege of working with clients such as Microsoft, J.P Morgan, R3, ConsenSys and Vodafone


Our Values

We believe in contributing to the success of our clients with the power of Web3 technologies and services by:

  • Providing access to talent from every corner of the world
  • Sharing our expertise and insights to advance together
  • Simplifying the path to adoption

The Team

Conor Svensson

Founder and CEO

Author of Web3j open-source library