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The Blockchain Innovator's Handbook

A leader’s guide to understanding, adopting and succeeding with this disruptive technology

The Blockchain Innovator's Handbook

Are you struggling to understand what blockchain technology does and how it can benefit your business?

The Blockchain Innovator’s Handbook is an accessible guide for leaders. It covers everything from opportunity identification to implementation and shows how to unlock new business opportunities in a fast-changing environment. This book will enable you to:

• Understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its vocabulary

• Identify the threats and opportunities for your business

• Implement blockchain solutions to drive business transformation and stay ahead of the curve

• Pitch blockchain to your board or leadership team

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Praise for The Blockchain Innovator's Handbook

"Only the most knowledgeable experts who are also gifted communicators can make complex things sound easy. Conor Svensson has that rare combination of skills. The book is not only an excellent read, but a very important one, too."

Raoul Pal
CEO/Co-founder, Real Vision

"Conor is a deep domain expert in Ethereum technology and has sketched a thoughtful map of the foothills of a global economic and social paradigm shift of mountainous proportions that will make previous paradigms look like molehills. This is an authoritative and inspiring account of how and why the disruptive technologies enabled by decentralized protocols – blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, NFTs, DAOs – will remake the world and bring far greater economic and political agency to the broad population."

Joseph Lubin
CEO and Founder, ConsenSys and Co-founder, Ethereum

"This book is the go-to guide on the value of blockchain in enterprise scenarios and how to approach implementing a blockchain-based solution."

Mark Russinovich
Azure CTO and Technical Fellow, Microsoft

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