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ConsenSys Case Study

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Web3 Labs helps ConsenSys meet privacy requirements of partners and customers

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ConsenSys has developed the Ethereum client Hyperledger Besu as the key component of its Quorum blockchain offering - the leading Enterprise Ethereum variant, originally developed by J.P. Morgan. Web3 Labs provided it with a suite of enhancements to meet the privacy requirements of its clients.

About the Client

ConsenSys is a blockchain software technology company. Founded in October 2014, by Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum, the organisation equips its enterprise-level clients with the powerful product suite to create next-generation applications, launch blockchain-based financial infrastructures, and access the decentralised web with its Ethereum product suite.

The Challenges

ConsenSys was looking for a solution that would strengthen the privacy offering as part of its Hyperledger Besu client to fulfil the privacy requirements of the customers this technology was built for.


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The Solution

ConsenSys partnered with Web3 Labs, employing our Strategy and Delivery Services, to help address this challenge.

Our team worked together with ConsenSys’ protocol engineering team to deliver a number of privacy enhancements to Besu, such as privacy groups and adding the ability to dynamically modify participants in private transactions.

The Results

Deploying these enhancements has allowed Besu to meet the privacy requirements of the organisation’s enterprise customers.

In addition to streamline the integration path for Web3 developers, these enhancements were also incorporated into Web3 Labs’ Web3j library, streamlining the integration experience for businesses and users.


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Since this process was carried out under the governance of the Hyperledger project, it benefited the wider Hyperledger community, which helps expand the overall enterprise blockchain ecosystem globally.


How Web3 Labs can help you

Web3 Labs is a blockchain technology company that works with large organisations to deliver applications that improve trust and authenticity of data and assets.

Clients that have taken advantage of our Strategy and Delivery Services include Microsoft, J.P. Morgan and Vodafone. 

We also work with leading blockchain companies and protocols to develop their ecosystems and platforms. Organisations Web3 Labs has worked with include ConsenSys, R3, the Open Application Network, the Ethereum Foundation and ICON.

Our products include the widely used blockchain developer library Web3j and the leading blockchain analytics platform, the Chainlens Blockchain Explorer

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