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“In this nascent domain that is heavily focussed on technology, Web3 Labs brings key business focussed solutions that benefit blockchain technology innovation.”

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We offer rapid exploration of your blockchain opportunities, focussing on what blockchain does best and its compatibility with your use case.

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Wakam (ex La Parisienne Assurances)

Once Wakam had migrated all of their insurance contracts for their IPaaS service, the challenge they faced was how to make their data accessible and easy to track

Using the Epirus Blockchain Explorer, they were amazed at how quickly and easily they could query their data and achieve a higher level of data organisation with the blockchain component of their platform. 

Wakam Case Study


BOOSTRY, creators of ibet, a blockchain platform that issues and trades digital rights, uses Epirus Explorer to monitor Japan's first bond offering using blockchain technology.

The BOOSTRY team found that the Epirus Blockchain Explorer is the perfect tool to monitor transactions on their network.

BOOSTRY  Case Study

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